1. WE VALUE  Worship Service Attendance
We believe that every person should attend and participate in a weekend worship service. This is our opportunity to meet together for worship, to receive ministry from God’s Word, and to pray for the needs of people.It is our expectation that every adherent of Berwick Assembly will make a strong effort to faithfully attend worship services each week.


2. WE VALUE Church Involvement
We believe that every person should be connected into a small group for teaching, prayer, encouragement, and relationship building. Also we encourage every believer to discover their spiritual gifts and connect with church ministry.

3. WE VALUE World Missions
Berwick Assembly believes that all blessings we have experienced and all that will come are based upon the Spiritual principle that God blesses those who do His work!

His work is the redemption of all people globally! We believe that every Christian should take an active part in global missions. We are committed to seeking opportunities to pray, give, and go!