We are dedicated to spreading the Word of God throughout the community as well as world-wide. What better way to spread the Good News than through missions. Many have taken faith promises to invest a certain amount each month to missions. God appreciates a thankful giver so it is important to give with an attitude of gratefulness for all that God has blessed you with.We support many missionaries and many from the church have taken part in at least one missions trip. These trips are about spreading the Word of God by filling a need in their physical lives while filling a need in their spiritual lives. The physical needs can be medicine for the sick, teaching/education for the those, who normally, would never see the inside of a classroom. We may also assist in constructing buildings for a community need by providing the material and even participating in the construction itself.
Missions affect all walks of life, young and old. Some of the missions trips that our church members have been involved with include India, Cuba, and Guatemala, and Harrisburg, PA. That’s right….Harrisburg. Missions are local as well as global. There are millions of people in our own country that need God’s love and grace and it is up to each of us to fulfill our true purpose in this world….bringing people to Jesus Christ so they may go to Heaven.